To get started you will need:

  • A TrackingDesk account
  • A Faunus Affiliate accoiunt

Step 1 - Create a new Affiliate Network and choose "Custom" from the "tracking technology" drop down menu.

Step 2 - Define the query string parameter which is used to append the {event_id}.


Once the query string has been set, it will apply to all outbound clicks for this affiliate network.

  • When adding offer links, you do not need to add the 'sub1=' query string

The affiliate program provides you with offer links in the following format:

When a visitor will click on a campaign URL, it will be redirected as follow:

Step 3 - Add an offer

  • Name, Category, Geo-Target
  • Conversion steps: Define the conversion steps you would like to track (cpl, cpa, cpi)
    NB: If you are promoting a CPA offer which has 2 goals, you will want to set two conversion steps to match both goals set in the offer itself. Note that each conversion step has its own postback URL

Step 4 - Modify the postback URL
The postback provided by default carries the {event_id} and {amount} default variables.{event_id}&a={amount}&_tdhop=1

You will need to modify the variables according to Faunus requirements:

{event_id} -->> {sub1}
{amount} -->> {sum}{sub1}&a={sum}&_tdhop=1

Copy / Paste the modified postback URL into the offer  postback settings:  

Keep in mind that Faunus has an option for a global postback. However, this option implies that the same postback fires for each and every conversion - regardless of the goal type.

Clicking on the "Global postbacks" button will lead you to your profile page where it can be configured.

Step 5 - Add your offer links

  • Name, Category, Geo
  • Offer link (no need to add sub1 query string.
  • Advanced settings - Mobile, language, devices etc... 

Et voila!

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