TrafficJunky Inc. is an innovative web advertising and digital marketing company founded in 2008 in Montreal, Canada. TrafficJunky's mission is to improve the performance of your company and product(s) with each internet marketing ad campaign.

In order to setup TrafficJunky in your TrackingDesk account, you will need to go through the following steps.

To get started, you need the following:

  1. An advertiser account with TrafficJunky - if you don't have one yet, you can open it here
  2. An account with TrackingDesk

In TrafficJunky

1. Setup a new tracker - Tools > Conversion Trackers 

2. Create a New Tracker

  • Name
  • Event Type - regardless of the type you will select, we will fire the postback url for all conversions associated with campaigns associated with this traffic source
  • Value - You do not need to set a value as we will automatically send the conversion value associated with the conversion - if you decide to add the conversion value in the postback URL.¬†

3. Save
4. Copy /paste the postback URL from the Invocation code in a notepade (as highlighted in the image below)

5. Extract the values unique values from the postback

  • a=1000143131¬†
  • member_id=1000721631

6. Navigate to your TRackingDesk account and add a new traffic source

7. Paste the TrafficJunky values extracted from the postback (step 5) in the corresponding fields in TrackingDesk

8. Activate the PIxel and Save the Traffic source

That's it! you're now ready to setup your campaigns.

Create a new campaign

The tokens defined in the traffic source are automatically added to the campaign URL that you create in TrackingDesk. Therefore, when creating your campaign in TrafficJunky you do not need to specify which tokens to use and you can simply paste the campaign URL provided by TrackingDesk in in TrafficJunky.

If you don't have an account with TrafficJunky, you can open an account here

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