There are many reasons why you would want to pass your traffic source token values such as "keywords" to your affiliate network or landing pages. 

  • Enhance your tracking to prevent fraud
  • Display keywords on your landing page
  • Get your traffic source "clickid" to show up in your affiliate network reports
  • Append a product ID / Name for e-commerce purposes.
  • Append a destination URL for deeplink integration

The requirements:
TrackingDesk needs only one variable to track conversions generated in an affiliate network. Consequently, we reserve the first querystring provided by the affiliate network to append our "event_id".
Any other query strings the affiliate network accepts can be used to pass additional parameters.

Traffic Source = Adwords
Those are some of the parameters AdWords passes in the tracking links. 

Affiliate Network = ClickDealer

You can see for yourself the values of the parameters showing up on the landing page URL, in the example below.

For the purpose of the example, we have added some values to the querystring:

  • utm_term=best_tracking
  • utm_source=outbrain
  • utm_medium=native_ads

Campaign URL Click Here to test the URL below

Campaign URL with parameters{{doc_title}}_{{doc_id}}&utm_campaign={{campaign_id}}&utm_term={{ad_title}}&click_id={{ob_click_id}}&source_id={{source_id}}&referrer={{publisher_name}}&publisher_id={{publisher_id}}&campaign_id={{campaign_id}}&uuid={{uuid}}&utm_term=best_tracking  

Landing Page URL with the parameters

There are many use cases for this type of data flows, and it can be very powerful for campaign optimization, especially when you run dynamic ads on Native Ads networks and Search Networks.

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