TradeDoubler has a non standard tracking URL format which requires a slightly different setup.

Add an affiliate network

1. Remove the event_id querystring from the "left drop" down

2. Add an offer + add CPL and CPS conversion steps
3. Add an offer link - This is where things get a little different.

Regular tracking link provided by TradeDoubler

add epi({event_id}) at the end of the url{event_id})

Deep Link - Make sure the url variable is at the end of the tracking link{event_id})url(

Tracking links with standard query strings{event_id}

In all those cases, TrackingDesk will automatically replace {event_id} with an event_id value.

Head to your TradeDoubler account - Tools - Conversions API

1. Click on create a subscription
2. Name the conversion event - Lead or Sale
3. Pick a currency USD (we currently support only USD)
4. Method GET
5. Insert the Postback URL, as provided by TrackingDesk- You will notice the URL attributes will show up.

6. Update the Postback URL attributes

  • Remove the OID - click the blue cross
  • Replace {event_id} with epi
  • Replace {amount} with publishercommission

7. Select the event type for which the postback will work Post Click Sale or Post Click Lead
8. Message Type -  Tracked

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