Quote from Google Ads support site:

"The easiest way to start tracking information about your ads is by using ValueTrack parameters. ValueTrack parameters are a type of URL parameter that you can add to your ads’ landing page URLs. These parameters collect information about the source of your ad clicks. "

How do we use ValueTrack parameters:

TrackingDesk provides you with a URL template that you will place in your google Ads account. This URL is preset with ValueTrack parameters.
When visitors will land on your site from a Google Ads Campaign, TrackingDesk will automatically record all campaign attributes (including keyword) so you can measure your ads performances and tie conversions to each of your ads, ad group, campaign, keyword and bid strategy.

A few examples of ValueTrack parameters

  • {keyword}  | will insert the keyword that generated a click
  • {campaignid} | The campaign ID. (Use this when you've set up your tracking info at account level and want to know which campaign served your ad.)
  • {gclid} | The Google click identifier of a click that comes from your ad.

Google Ads conversion Tracking and Attribution

One of the most important parameter is the gclid , which allows TrackingDesk to send conversion data to the Google API.

Do you have anything to do with ValueTrack parameters?

Unless you want to add some custom parameters to your campaign URL's, you don't have to worry about those parameters as they have been predefined in both Google Ads Search and Google Ads Display Traffic source.

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