CPALead affiliate network is integrated in TrackingDesk which allows you to add and configure it in a few clicks.

If you are interested in configuring CPALead as a traffic source, please follow this article.

1. Add an affiliate network
2. Select CPAlead from the predefined affiliate network drop down menu
3. Upon Saving, your Global Postback URL will be generated

4. Copy the Postback URL
5. Navigate to your CPALead account / Global Postback settings
6. Enable Global Postback
7. Paste the TrackingDesk Postback URL in the field

8. Save

Note: When adding your CPALead offer links in your TrackingDesk account, you will not need to add any subid's as TrackingDesk automatically appends the subid's to the CPALead offer links.
For example, you will add the offer link as follow:

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