Propeller Ads is an internet media company that is sharply focused on delivering the easiest, most effective, and reliable global digital advertising platform. Founded in 2011, out of a desire to create a better bridge between publisher and advertiser, they understand that both sides need to be equally catered for in order to have a truly successful ad network.
Out of this idea their innovative user-friendly ecosystem was born, and with it a simple and direct mission statement – Advertise Easy.

To setup ProperllerAds in TrackingDesk you will need the following:

  • A TrackingDesk account
  • A PropellerAds Account (if you don't have one yet, you can open an account here)

PropellerAds is predefined in TrackingDesk, which allows you to add all their tracking tokens in a single click.

1. Navigate to the Traffic Source tab

2. Add a Traffic Source
3. From the drop down menu, select PropellerAds 

4. On the right panel of your screen, you will see the PropellerAds tokens

Additional Settings

1. Navigate to your PropellerAds advertiser account
2. Open the Tracking tab 

3. Copy the postback URL and paste it in a notepad

4. Select the AID adn TID values from the postback URL provided by PropellerAds

Default postback URL provided by ProperllerAds${SUBID}
  • AID value: 2945
  • TID value: 31856

5. Paste those values in the corresponding fields in TrackingDesk

6. Activate the Postback URL

7. Save the Traffic Source.

PropellerAds has a very useful function that allows you to test if your tracking setup is correct. 

1. Setup a campaign in TrackingDesk for PropellerAds

2. Copy / Paste the campaign URL in the PropellerAds field and hit the Check URL button
You will notice that the campaign URL is provided with the PropellerAds tokens

3. Once PropellerAds has verified that your tracking link is properly configured, you will be able to click on the banner to generate a unique ${SUBID} which will be used to track the conversion back to PropellerAds.
4. Click on the banner and create a conversion in TrackingDesk
5. Wait a couple of minutes and click the check button


1. Make sure you have updated the tid and aid fields with the correct values.
2. Verify that you have activated the postback URL

If none of  the above worked, you should contact the TrackingDesk support team.

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