Media Traffic is a very popular PPV traffic source among affiliate marketers and media buyers. It provides an inventory that allows digital marketers to pop up / popunder their landing pages, based on keywords and URL targeting.

1. Add a Traffic Source and set the name as MediaTraffic
2. Add a Custom Field

  • Variable name: target_passthrough
  • Parameter / Macro Name: Leave empty
  • Alias: Target

Important note regarding the target_passthrough parameter:
MediaTraffic doesn't work like other traffic source as you will need to specify for each destination URL that you add in MediaTraffic if you want them to send the parameters or not to the campaign URL.

If you select the option to receive the parameters, they will automatically append the query string and parameters to your campaign URL at run time.
(run time: during the click / pop)

By default, TrackingDesk provides a campaign URL formatted with the query string parameters.


When adding your campaign URL in MediaTraffic, you will need to remove the
?target_passthrough= part of your campaign URL:

Navigate to your MediaTraffic account

1. Add a campaign

2. By default the country list and advanced features are not open

3. You should check the MediaTraffic knowledge base to understand the implications of the settings
4. Save the campaign - You will be redirected to additional settings
5. Create a new destination - the destination URL is the campaign URL provided by TrackingDesk

6. Save the Destination URL - Next screen you will be able to specify the 'target_passthrough" parameter

7. Adjust the settings

8. Save the destination URL - You will have to adjust the settings for each campaign URL
9. Add your targets - keywords, domains, URL's - according to MediaTraffic Instructions.

Note: As you will see, you can add multiple destination URLs to each campaign. However, since TrackingDesk provides you a campaign URL which can rotate multiple landing pages or direct offer links, this is not something you will need to do. 

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