The digital marketing space is vast and sometimes requires custom integrations. As a company we prioritize integrations according to demand and usage among our users.

Consequently, if you would like to integrate TrackingDesk with a third party application, crm, email marketing system, ad network or affiliate network, you can submit a request here.

What is the integration decision process:

1. We evaluate the potential traction the integration can generate. Accordingly, we either prioritize it on our product road map.

2. If we estimate that this integration is too specific to justify the allocation of resources, we will contact you with a quote for the custom  integration.

The Integration process:

  • Preliminary Research - What is needed to make this integration possible, the complexity and estimated release time.
  • Contact information of the third party company that will need to provide the technical information.

Custom integrations Fees:
Custom integrations fees are decided on a case per case basis and are structured as follow:

  • Setup Fee - Research, testing and Setup
  • Monthly Fee - Monitoring / update and maintenance.

If and when such integrations are released across the TrackingDesk platform and available to all our users, the monthly fees will be deprecated.

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