RevContent provides advertisers with several tracking tokens that can be easily integrated in TrackingDesk.
Those tokens will be automatically filled by RevContent for each click you receive. 

To configure RevContent on TrackingDesk, you should simply copy the following settings:

The eid variable name is the TrackingDesk Event id that can be loaded on your landing page in case you use the organic tracking script. 

The RevContent conversion pixel:
When you create your first campaign in RevContent, you will have the option to create your conversion pixel. This conversion pixel can be used across multiple campaigns in RevContent, and will be associated with all your campaigns in TrackingDesk

Select Optimize for CPA ROI

Create a Conversion Pixel

Paste your RevContent Conversion pixel in TrackingDesk

How to Create your campaign in TrackingDesk

1. Navigate to the campaign screen

2. Select RevContent Traffic Source

3. Set your campaign settings - Geo Target, Rules, Fallback
4. Search for the landing page or landing pages you wish to promote

5. Add the selected landing pages to the campaign assets

6. Associate the Offers with the Landing Page Call To Action's

7. Save the campaign: You will now see the campaign URL
The campaign URL is generated with all the parameters that have been defined during the Traffic Source Setup.

8. If you click on the Organic Tracking Snippet, you will have the ability to copy / paste the organic tracking script into your landing page and send the traffic directly to your landing page, as opposed to use the redirect URL. 

More info about the Organic Tracking Script

9. Navigate back to your RevContent account
After you've created your "boost" and define all your boost settings, you can Add Content. The content is your Campaign URL and the creatives material you will use to promote your campaign URL.

10. Complete your campaign settings in RevContent and enable your campaign.

If you don't have an account with RevContent, you can open an account here.

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