TrackingDesk is packed with features that digital marketers of many kinds can use.
In addition, with the Zapier TrackingDesk integration you can now push data to any marketing application used by your marketing partners or to your CRM.

Email marketing

Send conversion data to your email marketing platform. 


  • Segment your subscriber list to improve campaign targeting and increase ROI
  • Build retargeting audiences and lookalike audiences according to conversion data associated with subscribers.
  • Tag subscribers who have converted and add them to new marketing funnels.


Send events to TrackingDesk

eCommerce site owners

Send conversion data to your media partners

If you want to work with referral partners on a performance based (pay your referral a % fee based on the sales they generate for you), you have the option to place their pixel tracking on your "thank you page" which will notify them each time you they generate a sale for you. However, adding third party scripts on your site might not be something you want to do for privacy reasons or technical reasons (if you have 1, 2 partners it's fine, but if you have 20 partners, it might get complicated).

By using the TrackingDesk Postback URL feature, you can send via an API call the conversion data to your partner, without compromising your site or your shopper's privacy.
In addition, you will gain valuable insights on the traffic your referral partners send as you will be collecting incoming traffic data that you can easily analyze and optimize.

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