If you sell products using the ThriveCart platform and would like to track conversions through TrackingDesk, you will need to go through the following steps.

1. Add an Affiliate Network
2.Define the ref query string 

3. Add an offer - Typically, the offer is your site or a page of your site.

  • You can set categories (ebook, course, coaching etc...)
  • Define your conversion goals you will track
    We recommend setting at least two goals so you can measure the conversion funnel.
    # CPL - To track your optin or registration
    # CPS - To track the sales and recurring sales

Upon saving the offer, you will be prompted ot add an offer link. Discard the message so you can view and copy your conversion pixels. 

The CPL Conversion goal

  • Select Pixel and Copy the code
  • Paste it in your ThriveCart account as shown in the illustration

The CPS conversion goal
ThriveCart can only inject the conversion values when the pixel is loaded with a JavaScript code. 

Therefore, you will need to make some modifications to the following code:

a. The script template as it should be added to ThriveCart:

(function() {
var img = new Image();
img.src = 'https://servedbytrackingdesk.com/5b5c88a2e06b14086b0aaab6/a.gif?anid=5bdc5691540d304549219742&oid=5bdc56bb540d304549219744&c=2&h='+_thrive.user.campaign_id+'&a='+_thrive_order.order.total_readable;

b. Your Conversion Pixel which carries your unique id's

<img src="https://servedbytrackingdesk.com/5b5c88a2e06b14086b0aaab6/a.gif?anid=5bdc5691540d304549219742&oid=5bdc56bb540d304549219744&c=2&h={event_id}&a={amount}">

c. Select and copy the URL from your conversion pixel


d. Paste it it in the javascript

(function() {
var img = new Image();
img.src = 'https://servedbytrackingdesk.com/5b5c88a2e06b24086b0aaab6/a.gif?anid=5bdc5691550d304549219742&oid=5bdc56bb550d304549219744&c=2&h='+_thrive.user.campaign_id+'&a='+_thrive_order.order.total_readable;

Paste the entire javascript in your ThriveCart checkout script

Now you can add your offer link (which is the entry point of your sales funnel)

You're now ready to create your campaign in TrackingDesk and track the funnel from the initial visit (from an ad network, ppc, native ads etc...) to the sales.

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