If you own an eCommerce shop or promote your own product or service, TrackingDesk can help you make sense of your most important campaign KPI's.

In addition, if you would like to work with media partners and referral partners, you will have the option to send conversion data using our Zapier integration.

To configure your TrackingDesk account, you will need to go through the following steps.

1. Setup a Traffic Source using the predefined "organic traffic source"

  • Select the predefined traffic source "organic"
  • Save

2. Setup an affiliate network
(It does not matter whether you are an affiliate or not)

If you run on Shopify, you can select it from the predefine list of networks

  • Add an offer - Name it after your website
  • Define the conversion goals you would like to track. For instance - Newsletter signup (cpl), customer signup (cpa) and most important CPS which will allow you to track the actual sales

3. Add an offer link: The offer link is your site's URL.

  • Set a name
  • Add your site's URL
  • Add all countries (you do not want to restrict your site's reach)
  • Save

4. Grab your PIxel Tracking

  • Edit your offer
  • Copy / Paste the Global PIxel of each  conversion goal into a notepad
    You will add them to your site later.

5. Create your campaign

The campaign is what will link your traffic source with your site. 

  • Select the traffic source you have added in the first step
  • Name your campaign
  • Search, select and add the asset you would like to promote - The asset is the offer link you added in the previous step.
  • Save the campaign
  • Open the organic traffic snippet
  • Copy / Paste the script into your notepad.

6. Navigate to your website CMS

This part depends on your CMS settings, but they normally follow the same rules.

  • Add the organic traffic snippet to the head of your site
  • Add the CPS pixel tracking to your checkout page

7. Configure your sales conversion pixel "order value placeholder"
The TrackingDesk conversion pixel comes with the following format:

<img src="https://servedbytrackingdesk.com/546b17a70bf18e81647d8950/a.gif?anid=586677a76a1b167e0a10b2e5&oid=586677c16a1b167e0a10b2e7&c=2&a={amount}">

In order for TrackingDesk to receive the conversion value, you will need to modify the {amount} placeholder with the eCommerce system you are using.

Shopify uses the following placeholder: {{ total_price | money_without_currency }}

8. Update the TrackingDesk pixel accordingly.

Replace {amount} with {{ total_price | money_without_currency }}

<img src="https://servedbytrackingdesk.com/546b17a70bf18e81647d8950/a.gif?anid=586677a76a1b167e0a10b2e5&oid=586677c16a1b167e0a10b2e7&c=2&a={{ total_price | money_without_currency }}">

Head to  your Shopify checkout settings


Paste your pixel tracking in the additional script field

Other eCommerce platforms have the very same type of settings, so you should look into their documentation and perform the same actions.

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