1. Add an affiliate network

2. Select JVZoo from the list of affiliate networks

3. Add your offer
4. Add your Offer link
Since the JVZoo tracking template has been set at the Affiliate Network level, you do not need to add any special configurations to your affiliate links.

6. Save the offer link

Note: If the merchant has additional landing pages or funnels for this same offer, you can add each individual offer link under the same offer. 

7. Conversion Tracking for JVZoo

Conversion tracking with JVZoo is done with the JVZIPN which sends conversion notifications to a Webhook URL, along with all the conversion information.

We recommend using Zapier Webhook since TrackingDesk is integrated in Zapier.

Once you add your Zapier webhook in JVzoo you need to send a conversion so you can mapp the data to TrackingDesk conversion Action in Zapier.

More about the Zapier TrackingDesk integration can be found here.

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