1. Add an affiliate network 

2. Select the AdCombo from the list of predefined networks

3. Add your offer
4. Add your Offer link and save it
Since the AdCombo tracking template has been set at the Affiliate Network level, you do not need to add the clickid querystring at the end of the offer link and TrackingDesk will automatically append this parameter to the offer link.

Note: If the merchant has additional landing pages or funnels for this same offer, you can add each individual offer link under the same offer. 

You are redirected to the AdCombo affiliate network settings so you can grab your Postback URL.

5, Paste your postback URL in your AdCombo account
No need to update or change the parameters as they have been preset accoridng to AdCombo requirements.

You are now all set to create a campaign or add the AdCombo offer to one of your running campaigns.

This article was last edited on January 14th 2019. If you see some gaps in the guidelines or have any comments, please contact the support

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