The concierge service is designed to provide you with professional services, to overcome lack of internal integration resources.
Beyond the TrackingDesk account setup and integration with third party platforms, the concierge services includes a preliminary analysis of requirements, current marketing stack and an implementation route.

The service is like your own personal integration team, which guarantees you fully exploit the TrackingDesk platform and the data you gather through your campaigns. 

Prerequisites to subscribe to the concierge services:

  • You must have a paid subscription*
  • New subscribers need to commit to 3 months

Setup / service fees:

  • Ad network / Aff network Standard integration (no API Involved) $50
  • Custom Integration - filter in / out according to conversion type or specific requirements: $200
  • Affiliate Network with API integration $400
    When affiliate networks do not provide postback / pixel tracking services and the only way to automate conversion tracking is to connect to their API. 

Subscription to concierge service:

  • Basic $100 includes 2 actions* / month
  • Pro $200 includes 5 actions* / month
  • Advanced $300 includes 8 actions* / month

*Additional actions will be charged $50/action

Actions definition:

  • Fixing, configuring, adjusting aff networks / ad networks integrations within subscriber's account.
  • Reviewing account setup
  • Adding marketing material
  • Configuring campaigns

*If you don't have a paid subscriptions and would like us to integrate a third party platform's API, we will charge a one time fee of $300 in order to validate the project feasibility.

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