In this scenario we will make use of several features, which will allow you to make the most out of Bing Search ads.

  • Affiliate Deeplinks
  • URL Parameters Forwarding

What are deep links?

Deep linking in affiliate marketing programs is the practice by which an affiliate builts directly a link to a specific product page on the merchant website.

Example: If you want to promote the FAQ page of BriefcaseHQ (from AppSumo), you will compose your affiliate link of the following elements:

Default BriefcaseHQ affiliate link:

Add the following query string to the affiliate link:


Deeplink BriefcaseHQ FAQ page: Click here to see where you land

Benefits of using deeplinks in Bing Search Campaigns:

  • Make use of the Bing tracking template
  • Use Ads Extensions
  • Track all campaign performances under one single campaign

Once you understand how deeplinks work with Bing Tracking templates, you can start making use of more advanced features like dynamic ads and scale up your campaigns.

TrackingDesk Setup:

Traffic Source: Bing Autotag
Affiliate networks: Impact Radius

Upon adding Impact Radius from the Predefined affiliate networks, you should add the following settings:

Add the Offer and default affiliate Offer Link:

Create your campaign:

1. Select the Bing Autotag Traffic Source

2. Search and Select the Offer Link

3. Save the campaign

The campaign URL generated by TrackingDesk is the following:{AdGroup}&utm_campaign={Campaign}&eid=autotag&utm_term={Keyword}&http_referer_short=autotag&html_page_title=autotag&html_page_caller_url=autotag&url={lpurl}&search_query={QueryString}&msclkid=autotag

You need to remove all parameters that are set on autotag{AdGroup}&utm_campaign={Campaign}&utm_term={Keyword}&url={lpurl}&search_query={QueryString}

If you click here
, you will see that you are redirected to the BriefcaseHQ home page.

This URL is composed of all the UTM variables normally appended by Bing when your ad loads on the search results. 

One of those parameters is {lpurl}, which is the one that we will make use of to forward the actual page we want to promote in this campaign.

To test the tracking link we replace the {lpurl} parameter with the actual page we want the campaign to point to:

Here are some examples to test the deep links:

FAQ page: Click here{AdGroup}&utm_campaign={Campaign}&utm_term={Keyword}&url=url={QueryString}

Product Page: Click here{AdGroup}&utm_campaign={Campaign}&utm_term={Keyword}&url=url={QueryString}

A specific product within the site KingSumo pro{AdGroup}&utm_campaign={Campaign}&utm_term={Keyword}&url={QueryString}

You can now see in your TrackingDesk analytics under the same campaign, the traffic metrics per page promoted.

Now how do we set the campaign in Bing:

1. Create a new Ad Group which will be used to promote EXCLUSIVELY this offer.

2. Create an Ad & set the final URL ex:

3. Save and navigate to the ad group settings so you can set the tracking template which will apply to all ads you you will create under the ad group.

4. Set the tracking template

5. Open the Ad Group URL options and the Tracking Template

6. Edit the TrackingDesk campaign URL and keep the Root URL and the url={lpurl} parameter:{lpurl}

7. Paste the URL in the field

From now on, this tracking template will apply to all ads running under this ad group.

You can create a specific Ad for each product found in the Briefcase and the template will redirect the traffic to this particular page, while tracking keywords and all other parameters sent by Bing. 

Additional settings: Ad Extensions / Site Links

You can create ad extensions and add the same tracking template so that you can display additional links on each of your Ads and potentially increase your conversions.


1. In order to be able to upload conversions to Bing, you must enable autotagging on your bing account and follow the guidelines availiable here

2. In order to see conversions in TrackingDesk, you must add your TrackingDesk postback URL in your Impact Radius account (see article)
3. This tactic can apply to any affiliate network which has the deep-linking option.
4. Upon testing the tracking template with your Ads, you will receive a "warning" saying that there is a mismatch of the final URL. This warning is due to the fact that there are several redirects leading to the final URL and Bing checks only the first redirect. This warning should not affect your campaign and ads.

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