1. Add the Traffic Source from the predefined list of Traffic Sources.

2. Press the Activate the pixel button to enable conversion tracking
3. Save the traffic source.

Note: The default AdCash postback URL is set in TrackingDesk and no further setup or modification is required.

Conversion goals settings in TrackingDesk

All conversion types that TrackingDesk can track are enabled by default:

  • CPL
  • CPI
  • CPA
  • CPS

All conversions will fire toward AdCash with the associated conversion goals.

Create a Campaign in TrackingDesk and copy the campaign URL in your clibpoard.

Navigate to your AdCash account

1. Create a campaign

2. Paste the campaign URL in your campaign
3. Save your campaign

4. Open the tracking menu
5. Create a goal
Note that the goals that are mapped between Trackingdesk and AdCash are the following:
CPL -> Lead
CPI -> Installation
CPA -> Registration
CPS -> Sale

6. Select the tracking platform "TrackingDesk"

7. Follow the instructions provided by AdCash to verify the goal tracking

Note: The first goal you have setup will be verified, and if the offer you have set in your campaign has more than one goal, you can trigger the additional conversions in TrackingDesk and AdCash will automatically create those conversion goals in your AdCash account.

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