Some Traffic Sources like MGID and Outbrain allow you to define several conversion goals. This is great when you are promoting a funnel and you want to optimize your campaigns according to more than one conversion goal. 

Yet, those conversion goals might have different names than the naming policy that we use in TrackingDesk. 

Consequently, in order to match the conversion goals names set in TrackingDesk with the names set in the traffic sources, you need to use the "remap" function.

TrackingDesk naming policy

cpl: lead, optin, registration
cpa: full registration, ftd, initial purchase, first time customer
cpi: install, app install, download
cps: cost per sale, purchase, recurring sale, sale

The parameter we use to inject the conversion type to the traffic source:


In consequence, when the traffic source postback URL is set in TrackingDesk, it might look like:*TS_click_id*&revenue=*payout*&event=*conversion_type*

Postback URL with conversion values:

Following this example, if the conversion goal set in the traffic source is "cpa", then the conversion will be recorded. However, if the conversion goal is an id such as: "cpa123", the conversion goal name will need to be remapped so that TrackingDesk will be able to send cpa123 instead of cpa.

The remap function is available under each Traffic Source settings and allows you to map each conversion type available in TrackingDesk. 

Note that the conversion type is taken from the offer for which the conversion occured.

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