The Google Ads Conversion tracking integration allows you to send conversions to your Google Ads account and benefit from the Conversion Optimization engine provided by Google.

To enable this integration you will need:

  • A Google Ads Account
  • A Google Analytics Account
  • A TrackingDesk Account

The Google Ads integration is available as an Add-On for the Personal and Affiliate Plan, and is free of charge for the Super Affiliate and Media Agency plans.


  • Add-On: $50 per month
  • Optional: Concierge Service full setup $200*
    You will need to grant us temporarty access to your Google Analytics and Google Ads account.

To get started, login to your Billing account to subscribe to the Add On.

Integration brief

As soon as the integration is enabled, TrackingDesk will send conversions to your Google Analytics account.

To complete the Integration, you will need to link your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts, and import the conversions from Google Analytics to Google Ads.

The initial sync can take a few hours before the first conversions start showing up in Google Ads.

Google Analytics Settings

In order for Google Analytics to record the conversions, you will need to setup the conversion goals that are tracked in TrackingDesk. (cpc, cpl, cpi, cpa, cps).

1. To simplify step, import the TrackingDesk template from the Google Analytics Solution Template (you need to be logged in to Google)

2. Select the property and All Web Site Data

3. Scroll down and click on Create

4. You will be redirected to your Google Analytics Goal Settings

5. Link Google Ads and Google Analyitcs

Navigate to the Google Ads link settings and select the Google Ads account you want to link and adjust the configuration as shown below.

Google Ads Settings

1. Navigate to the Conversions settings

2. Create a conversion

3. Select Import from an other system

4. Select Google Analytics and Continue

5. Select the goals you want to import
It is very important that you select the goals you created in Google Analytics for this integration

6. Import them the goals and click Done

TrackingDesk Settings

If you don't have yet your Google Ads setup in TrackingDesk follow the guidelines provided in the following article.

As soon as you have created your first campaign in TrackingDesk and created your ad in Google Ads, conversions will start syncing across your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts.

To get started, login to your Billing account to subscribe to the Add On.

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