ReklamStore DSP is a programmatic advertising platform that you can target your customers all over the web with numerous advanced targeting options.

The integration of ReklaStore in TrackingDesk allows you to seamlessly track, measure and optimize your campaigns and fully benefit from the automatization engine available in ReklamStore. 

To enablethis integration, you will need the following:

  • A TrackingDesk account
  • A Reklamstore advertiser account.

Step #1: Create a Traffic Source

  • Select ReklamStore from the predefined list of traffic sources.
  • Activate the Pixel
  • Save

Step #2: Create a Campaign

  • Select ReklamStore Traffic Source
  • Set your campaign settings - GEO, Tracking Domain
  • Search for Marketing Assets (landing pages or offer links)
  • Add Marketing assets to your campaign
  • Set the weight (optional) of each asset and Save
  • Copy the Campaign URL which you will add in your Reklamstore ad.

Navigate to your ReklamStore account

Step #2: Create a Conversion

  • Leave the conversion value to "0" as TrackingDesk will automatically send the conversion value tracked in TrackingDesk
  • Save the Conversion.

Step #3 : Create a Campaign (ex: push)

  • Select a creative or add a new one

Add a creative

  • Select the Creative
  • Open the Advanced Options and check the Conversion Tracking box
  • Follow the remaining campaign settings

Save your campaign.

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