To enable this integration you will need an ExoClick account and a TrackingDesk account.

Step #1 Add ExoClick in TrackingDesk

  • Select Exoclick from the list of predefined traffic sources
  • Activate the Pixel

  • Leave the tab open as we will get back to it.

Step #2 Open a new tab and navigate to your Exoclick account

  • Open the Conversion Tracking menu
  • Add a tracker - Name + Order (the order is relative to the convesion funnel. For instance, a lead conversion will happen before a sale conversion).
  • Repeat this process for each conversion type TrackingDesk can track (cpl, cpi, cpa, cps)

Step #3: Map the ExoClick Goals with TrackingDesk goals

The conversion goal mapping is used to match the goal id in ExoClick with the goal name in TrackingDesk.
Consequently, when a
cpl conversion will be tracked in TrackingDesk, the id 6195428fd56b4267287143ead6882459 will be sent to ExoClick.

  • Open the the browser tab with TrackingDesk / Exoclick settings
  • Select each conversion goal from the Conversion remap function
  • Copy / paste the Exoclick Goal ID's with their corresponding Conversion Types in TrackingDesk

After you've mappend all the goals, you can save the traffic source and setup your first campaign for Exoclick.

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