EngageYa is integrated in TrackingDesk, so you only need to update the pixel id's in the Engageya traffic source screen.
The main benefits of the integration, is to provide you the ability to track multiple goal types in both Trackingdesk and Engageya.

Goal types tracked in Trackingdesk:

  • cpl
  • cpa
  • cps
  • cpi

By tracking each conversion type in EngageYa, you will immediately identify the most profitable traffic segments and quickly optimize your campaigns.

Navigate to your Engageya account and go to your conversion pixel settings

Open a separate browser tab and navigate to your TrackingDesk account

Step #1: Add a traffic source

  • Select EngageYa
  • Scroll down to the Conversion Remap function

Step #2: Map the conversion Goals

  • Select the Goal and paste the engageya pixel id
  • Repeat this process for each goal type

Campaign Setup

Step #1 Create a campaign in TrackingDesk

  • Select Engageya
  • Configure your flow (landing pages, Offer links), Geo Target
  • Save
  • Copy the Campaign URL to your clipboard (ctrl+c)

Step #2 Paste the campaign URL in your Engageya Click URL

Since Engageya is integrated in TrackingDesk, you do not need to add / update the macros as they are preset in the campaign URL.

Example of Campaign URL (redirect)


If you want to run a campaign with the organic script:

  • Select the query string from the campaign url (including the question mark)?
  • Add the query string after your landing page url
  • Paste the URL in the Click URL field in EngageYa
  • Paste the Organic Script in the head of your landing page.

That's it

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