When you run on TrackingDesk and you have a marketing partner that also runs on TrackingDesk, you have the ability to fully sync the results of your campaigns between both accounts.

The sync will obviously include the traffic stats and the campaign attributes, but also the conversion and attribution data.

By default, when you add an advertiser that runs on TrackingDesk the following goals will be set for the advertiser: CPA, CPL, CPI and CPS.

This means, that if the advertiser adds offers with any of those goals, they will be automatically sent to you.

Setup flow when you are the Traffic Source

  1. Add An affiliate network
  2. Select TrackingDesk from the tracking technology list
  3. Copy/paste and send the ANID and UserID values to your advertiser
    NB: Those values only appear once you've saved your first offer.

4. Add the offer / offer link provided by your Advertiser.
NB: The advertiser will only be able to send you the Offer link once he has added you as a traffic source in his TrackingDesk account (after you've sent the anid/userid parameters).
Based on the standard configurations, the offer link will look like this:


NB: you can remove all custom parameters you're not interested in passing to the advertiser. But do not remove the anid and userid parameters.

As an Advertiser Running on TrackingDesk

1. Add a traffic source - select TrackingDesk and set the name of your advertiser

2. Update the ANID and USERID parameters that your traffic source sent you see section #3 above
3. Activate the pixel
4. Save the Traffic Source

You can now create your campaigns by selecting the new traffic source and send the campaign URL to your marketing partner

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