Hasoffers is one of the predominant affliate management platforms, powering over 20000 affliate programs. It is integrated in TrackingDesk so you can easily add any program running on the HasOffers platform.

To enable this integration you will need:

  • An affiliate account in an Hasoffers affiliate network
  • A TrackingDesk account

Step 1: Add an Affiliate Network

Step 2: Set the Affiliate network name

Step 3. Select affiliate technology - HasOffers Manual

Step 4: Upon Saving, you will be prompted to add an offer

  • You can discard the prompt to pick your Postback URL or follow the steps to add your offer and offer link(s).

Step 5: Copy the postback URL (ctrl+c)

Note that Hasoffers support multiple goals types per offer. For instance CPA, CPL and CPS. Those goals are predefined in TrackingDesk so you can add them to your offers.

Step 6: Go to the offer in your affiliate account and scroll down until you see the Postback button

Step 7: Click "Add New Pixel/Postback"
Step 8: Select Postback URL and paste the postback URL provided by TrackingDesk.

  • By default the Goal set in hasoffers offers is called "default" and it is most certainly the goal that fires the commission.
  • If they have several conversion goals, you should try to match them with the TrackingDesk conversion goals. 
  • Note that the CPS goal should be used for goals that have a recurring commission.
  • In some networks, the Postback must be approved by the affiliate manager. When adding your postback, you will see a status as "pending" or "active".

You do not need to update, add or change any of the parameters in the Postback URL as they are predefined to match HasOffers optional variables

Parameters used in the postback URL

  • {aff_click_id} - will return the TrackingDesk event_id
  • {payout} - will return your commission amount

Step 9: Add your offer links

Step 12: Save, and add the necessary settings in TrackingDesk - Geo, Category and advanced targeting if necessary.

  • Learn how to use targeting rules to optimize your campaigns performances.

Youi're done!

Now you can edit / create campaigns and add your hasoffers offers in the campaign assets.

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