A funnel is a consumer focused marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a product or service.

How do you track a funnel in TrackingDesk

The rules:

  • The funnel entry point is your landing page
  • The internal pages of your funnel do not need to be set in TrackingDesk
  • The exit point(s) of your funnel is/are the TrackingDesk Call to Actions
  • The TrackingDesk Call to Actions numbers (how many different exit points) need to be set when you add your landing page in TrackingDesk.
  • The TrackingDesk Call To Action destinations (the offer links or the the product page where the visitor will make a purchase/convert) are configured during the campaign setup.

Step #1: Setup the entry page of your funnel (landing page)

  • Go to assets and setup a landing page (or use the quick action tab)
  • Name, URL, Define the number of Call To Actions, Geo Target

Step #2: Setup the Call To Action URL across your funnel

Let's say your funnel starts with a question:

Are you currently trading on the stock market?

Answer Yes goes to page A

  • Would you like to reduce your brokerage fees? Yes / No
  • Yes goes to Page AY - Check out Broker eTrade which offers 12 months commission free account: Call to Action URL(CTA/1) goes to eTrade offer link
  • No goes to Page AN - Signup for free for Trading Signal provider and improve your trading performances. Call to action URL (CTA/2) goes to Tradingsignal offer link

Answer No goes to page B

  • In 2018, the US stock market performance was XX% while saving accounts gave a return of 0%. With an investment of $XX you would have earned $YY. Click here to get a free market review. CTA URL(CTA/3) goes to Market Research offer link
  • User tries to close window - You popup CTA URL (CTA/4) - Goes to offer XX

Settings in TrackingDesk

  • Add your Landing page + 4 Call To actions
  • Add the Call To Action URL's across your funnel
  • Set the affiliate networks / offer links

Step #4: Setup the campaign

At this point, you're almost done and everything is configured in TrackingDesk and in your funnel.

  • Define the campaign settings (traffic source, geo etc...)
  • Search for the funnel landing page and add it to the campaign
  • Define the paths / CTA's
  • You're done!

Step 5: Test the funnel

  • Open a new browser window (clean cookies)
  • Hit the campaign URL that you have generated
  • Follow the funnel steps
  • Check the analytics to see if all the conversion steps have been tracked.
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