Hitpath is a popular platform which powers a lot of top affiliate networks. They support various types of conversion tracking protocols, but we have predefined the postback which is the most commonly used and precise tracking method.

NOTE:  Hitpath doesn't support a global postback therefore, you will need to create/add a postback url to each offers you'd like to add to your account.

To add an affiliate network running on HitPath you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Add an affiliate network
  2. Set the name or select it from the predefined list
  3. The affiliate technology will be set to HitPath if it's a predefined affiliate network otherwise, you need to select the affiliate technology "HitPath".
  4. Create your offer and grab your postback URL
  5. Paste the Postback URL under the offer in your HitPath account

6. Grab your offer link and add it in your TrackingDesk account - No need to add subid's as they are automatically being appended to your offer links by TrackingDesk.

7. Save.

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