Like all the predefined affiliate networks, Commission Factory has several entities that have been pre-configured. Once the affiliate network is added, all your postback URL are preconfigured and the Commission Factory tracking template will be applied to all  your offer links (so you dont have to manually configure the custom variables).

  1. Add an affiliate network
  2. Select from the drop down menu "Commission Factory"
  3. Save and scroll down to grab your pre-configured Postback URL 

4. Login to your Commission Factory account and go to the Account > Add-ons > Thrd party tracking section
5. Paste your TrackingDesk Postback URL and hit the save button

Add a Commission Factory offer

  1. Select an offer from your Commission Factory account
  2. Copy the offer link 
  3. Go to your TrackingDesk account
  4. Add an offer - name / geo / category and Save
  5. Add the offer link 
  6. Paste the offer link into the offer link field
    - You do not have to add the Uniqueid parameter as we automatically apply the predefined Commission Factory tracking template
  7. Save your offer link
  8. You're done!
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