Promoting your own landing pages (as opposed to direct links provided by affiliate programs) carries a lot of advantages and their setup requires an additional step that will enable you to monitor additional metrics which will allow better campaign optimization.

The traffic flow of promoting landing pages will typically be:

Traffic source > landing page > Call to action > Direct link (see illustration below).

Follow these steps to promote one (or many) landing pages:

1. Go to the 'Campaigns' section and click on 'Add New' to add a new campaign.

2. Select the traffic source and define the campaign settings - such as Geo Target, category - and Search among your marketing assets for the assets you'd like to add (you can search by category, offer, Affiliate Network or country). Once you have identified and selected the landing pages you'd like to run on your campaign, click the: 'Add Selected Assets to Campaign' button.

3. Select the landing pages you would like to add to the campaign.

4. Click the 'assign' button located on the right hand side of the landing page, as highlighted below (it looks like a pencil and paper).

6. Assign one or multiple call to actions (CTA) to the lander by selecting and then clicking on 'Add Destination'.

7. Once you've finished assigning the Offer Links to the Call To Action's, close the window and Save the campaign.

8. Copy the Campaign URL which will appear on the left hand side of the page and send it to your Traffic Source or place it in the self service interface of your Traffic Source.

1. You can rotate mulitple landing pages through the same campaign.
2. You can rotate landing pages and direct links through the same campaign.
3. You can run a campaign with multiple direct links, landing pages, "call to action rotations" and in multiple countries.
4. You can rotate multiple direct links on the same call to action.

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