TrackingDesk allows you to setup as many custom tracking domains as you would like and by default, the tracking domains set in TrackingDesk are SSL enabled.
*According to your plan limits 

Once you have configured a custom tracking domain:

  • Your campaign URL's will be generated with your custom tracking domain
  • Your postback URL's and pixel tracking will be set on your custom tracking domain.

There are many reasons why you will want to setup your own tracking domains:

  1. Avoid ad blockers - Once a domain has been flagged, a portion of your traffic will inevitably be blocked and you will start to loose traffic
  2. A custom tracking domain will help create your own brand image with no visible TrackingDesk footprint.
  3. Some Traffic Source require to run on your own domain.

Why would you want several custom tracking domains?
For instance, you can decide to use one domain for your Google Ads Campaigns campaigns and another one for your RTX Platform campaigns.

By default, all campaigns are set to go through TrackingDesk main tracking domain:

In order to set up your custom tracking domain to work with TrackingDesk, you must follow those steps.

  1. Go to your registrar (i.e. where your domain is managed
  2. Open the DNS setting
  3. Create a CNAME record
  4. Enter the host.
    - for example the host of is trk 
  5. Enter the domain  where the host should point.
  6. Save the settings
  7. The DNS update can take up to 48 hours, but normally it happens within a couple of hours (sometimes minutes).
  8. Navigate to your profile page and add the custom tracking domain. Ex: and hit the "check" button
  9. A green notification should popup on the top-right corner of your screen.
  10. Set the domain as default
  11. Once you've got the green confirmation, scroll down and press "Update domains"

How is the sub-domain shows up on your account and to the visitors.

1. Once the tracking sub-domain has been succesfully checked by our system, an SSL certificate will be issued.
2. It might take a few minutes for the certificate to be publicly visible. If after an hour, you still can't see the tracking domain with a valid certificate, please contact the support.
3. If you've set your domain as default (see below illustratin), all your campaign URL, tracking scripts and postback URL and CTA URL's will be set on the sub-domain.

Note: being on a subdomain does not slow down the visitor's redirect as it is simply an alias of our tracking domain.

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