Some affiliate programs do not provide image pixel or postbackURL/server 2 server. 

Its the case for Shareasale and affiliate programs running on IncomeAccess software. 

However, they enable you to pass a subid, into their tracking links. Which means that in their reporting, you will see your conversions associated with the variable that was passed by TrackingDesk.

Before you start be aware of the following:

a. CPL, CPA, CPI conversions can only be loaded once per event_id
b. CPS conversions can load multiple times.
c. Once a conversion has been imported, it cannot be erased.

The conversion timestamp works as follow:

- Unless you set a specific date and time to the conversion import, the conversion will be associated automatically to the event_id timestamp.
- if an event ID is associated with several conversions, the first conversion will be imported with the initial event id timestamp, and subsequent conversions will be associated with the time of the import or the date / time set during the import.
- CPS conversions: The first conversion imported will be attributed to the initial timestamp, while all subsequent conversions will be attributed to either the date/time set during the import, or the date/time of the import itself.

Conversion Values:
You can specify a value for the conversions. If you elect not to specify a value, the system will associate the conversions with the commission rate set in the offer settings.

To Import conversion into TrackingDesk

1. Prepare the data: Download conversions from the affiliate program
2. Filter the conversions you wish to import. Typically if you track leads and acquisitions, you will have to perform 2 different imports.

Step by step process:

1. Navigate to the "Profile" page.
2. Select the conversion type you wish to import.
3. Set a date / time for the conversions (optional).
4. Copy / paste the list of event_id in the import field.
5. Click the 'Import Conversion' button.
6. The system will show you the results before completing the import.
7. Repeat the process if necessary for the other types of conversions.

NB: You can simultaneously import conversions from multiple affiliate programs as long as the conversions are all associated with the same conversion type (CPL or CPA or CPS).

Adding Conversion Value:

You can add a conversion value to each conversion, but adding the value after the conversion parameter.

Example where the conversion value is 70:

014C75599EEE000001000001, 70

NB: This value will override the value that was set in the brand's conversion goal.

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