Being able to calculate in real-time and with high precision your campaign costs and Return On Investment (ROI) is possible with some integrated traffic sources.

Some traffic sources provide a click/visit cost in a parameter so that our system can collect for each visits your campaign will receive.

This feature enables you to monitor your campaign costs and ROI.

In this illustration you will see how 50OnRed is integrated within TrackingDesk and the cost parameter that they pass.

Unfortunately, not all traffic sources provide such option and since it is a trending option, we constantly update our integrated traffic sources with new parameters, and we will keep you informed.

In cases where the traffic source doesn't provide the click cost token, you can add an average cpc cost during your campaign setup and updated it as the campaign's cost varies.

Once you are done updating the costs, you must save the campaign.

note: The costs only applies for future clicks and will not update retroactively.

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