What is an Affiliate Network?

An "affiliate network" is a company that acts as a third party in between the the affiliate and merchant affiliate programs. It allows an affiliate to find offers relevant to what they're looking for to generate income from programs. Traditionally, it's free for affiliates to join affiliate networks and you will get a share of the revenue made from promoting an offer.

If you work with Commission Junction and promote their client Hotels.com in the UK, you should set up the affiliate network as follows:

  • Affiliate network = Commission Junction
  • The Offer = Hotels.com UK
  • The Offer link(s): A unique tracking link which allows you to promote the offer. The link carries your unique affiliate id and other prameters. It allows the affiliate network to identify the conversions and revenues that you have generated by promoting the offer.

Affiliate Networks can either use an affiliate software such as HasOffers, HitPath or Income Access to manage their affiliate network, or they can have their own affiliate software like Impact Radius or Commission Junction

When you add an affiliate network to your TrackingDesk account it is important to know which affiliate management platform they are using as it  will allow you to easily setup your affiliate account in TrackingDesk and instantly track conversions.

Trackingdesk has integrated the top affiliate management platforms tracking methods and settings.

If you are not sure about which software they use, you should ask your affiliate manager.

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