There are quite a few options to setup an affiliate network. Doing it properly and following the steps will drastically simplify your campaign setup process.
As for the publishers predefined section, we have integrated various affiliate networks and affiliate tracking technologies in order to ease the process of setting up custom parameters, pixel tracking and other settings that are time consuming and often lead to mistakes.

This article addresses the manual setup of an advertiser and its associated brands and creative material.

Once you are on the 'Affiliate networks' tab, please take the following steps:

1. Choosing a Name: Either manually type in a name or choose from the predefined options.

2. Status should automatically be active: in order to deactivate click on 'Active' and all creatives will be removed.

3. Don't change the predefined and tracking technology options.

4. Variable: Whichever variable the affiliate program lets you pass into their tracking. It normally it takes the form of "aid=", "var=", "subid=" etc.. If you have an issue with that, contact us and we'll help you out.

>> Hit the Save button to continue the process

5. Add an offer:

  • Choose a name.

  • Choose or add a category.

  • Choose one or many countries.

  • Hit the 'Add conversion' button.

  • Select the revenue type.

  • Select the relevant tracking method.
  • Set a price - Set a price that your affiliate network is paying you and that is common to all countries selected.
  • Choose the conversion pixel and send it to your advertiser/affiliate program's account manager or place it in the affiliate program's conversion pixel field.

NB: You can add multiple conversions and revenue types for each offer so you can track multi-step conversion funnels, such as: download, lead, and acquisitions.

>> Upon hitting the save button you will return to the affiliate network screen where you will be able to add creatives to the brand.

6. Add an offer link:

  • Choose a name - We recommend to use the same name provided by the affiliate program.

  • Select the country - Very important due to geotargeting considerations when selecting a creative during the campaign setup process.

  • Select a category - Very important when setting up your campaigns for specific offer categories.

  • Insert the offer link provided by your affiliate network.

    Note: You do not need to add custom parameters at this point as the system will automatically add them during the campaign setup.

  • Call To Action: This setting is relevant if/when setting up custom landing pages that you host. We will come back to this option in another article.

  • Hit the Save button.
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