Setting up a campaign for Bing to promote a MaxBounty offer, is very much like any other campaigns.

Before you get started you will need the following:

1. An advertiser account on Bing Ads (open one here)
2. An affiliate account with MaxBounty
3. A landing page - See which Landing page builder we recommend here.

1. Add Bing Traffic source in TrackingDesk

2. Add your Landing Page in TrackingDesk

- Name, URL
- Define the number of call to actions that you want to add to your landing page
- Define the geo target
- Copy / Paste the Call to action URL on your Landing Page.
- Save

3. Add a campaign

- Select Bing Traffic Source
- Define your Geo Target
- Search / select the Landing Page you want to Promote
- Associate the Call To Action with the MaxBounty offer link
- Save

4. Navigate to your Bing Advertiser Account and create an ad
5. Copy / Paste your Campaign URL (provided by TrackingDesk) into your ad (The tracking template)
6. Add the final URL of your ad (the actual landing page) to your ad
7. Write your Ad Copy

If you don't have a Bing Account yet, you can open one here and Get £100 in search advertising when you spend £20 in Bing Ads.
NB: this Bing promotion might not be available in your country. 

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