In order for TrackingDesk to track conversions, a unique alphanumeric variable is appended to the offer link provided by your affiliate network. We call this unique alphanumeric variable the Event ID.

Depending on which affiliate management platform the affiliate network runs on, the Event ID will be appended to a different query string. 

Note about the difference between Affiliate Management Platforms and Affiliate networks

An affiliate management platform is used by affiliate networks to manage their affiliates and advertisers.
For instance, Hasoffers is an affiliate management platform that powers Affiliaxe affiliate network.

Example of offer link
Your advertiser's/affiliate program's normal tracking link will look like:

Example of offer link with QueryString and Event ID

Since most people don't know or don't want to deal with manual configurations of querystrings and parameters, we have integrated the most popular affiliate management platforms and affiliate networks into TrackingDesk.
These integrations enable you to select the affiliate management platform in order to set the relevant tracking template automatically.

Cake Marketing Example:

The Integration also include the pre-formatting of the affiliate network postback URL, which will include the conversion id parameter as well as the commission parameter. 

Cake Marketing Software Postback URL

How to integrate an affiliate network running on Cake Affiliate Management platform

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