What is an Offer link?

A link provided by an affiliate network that will redirect the visitors to a page belonging and/or controlled by the affiliate network's advertiser.

What is a Landing Page?

A link that will load a page that you designed and that you control. The landing page carries one or many call to action (CTA) that will redirect the visitors to an offer link.

Why do affiliate marketers use Landing Pages?

  1. To collect optins prior to sending the traffic to the offer link.
  2. To set re-targeting pixels so they can re-target the users.
  3. To hide their traffic sources from the affiliate networks.
  4. Because they believe their copy will convert better.
  5. They can AB Test various marketing messages / pages / call to action
  6. They can customize the landing pages according to dynamic parameters (keywords, Geo-Target)

Learn more about the TrackingDesk Call To Action and how to set up a campaign with your landing page. 

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