This is unfortunately a common problem which we do our best to solve by pre-formatting parameters, postback and pixel tracking so you don't have to manually setup clickid's or postback tokens.

We highly recommend to use wherever and whenever possible the postback method as it is a lot more reliable.

Common problems:

  1. You setup an offer, but didn't define a conversion step
  2. Your affiliate network didn't place the pixel in your account
  3. You defined multiple conversion steps,but your affiliate network didn't place the pixels in each steps
  4. You provided a non secure image pixel instead of a secure image pixel and the conversion step was on a secure page. https vs http
  5. Image pixels can be blocked by all sorts of applications - antivirus, firewalls, strong privacy settings on the browsers
  6. You've manually added to the offer link the subid parameter. The offer link needs to be free of any subid's.
  7. You've done a test conversion but didn't click on the campaign URL.

Postback URL's: There are 2 conditions for the postback URL to function properly:

  1. Trackingdesk must initially pass a clickid to the offer link. Our clickid is called {event_id} and is a dynamic numeric string which looks like this:


    and is appended at the end of the offer links. In order to append the {event_id} to the offer link, we need to instruct TrackingDesk to pass the {event_id} after a certain parameter. For example, MaxBounty parameter is s1 so we append the {event_id} in this manner:{event_id}. In this manner, Maxbounty knows that the variable that was passed should be used in the postback URL that is fired upon conversion.
  2. The postback URL that needs to be setup in the affiliate network must carry the placeholder in which the {event_id} will be replaced. By default,the TrackingDesk postback URL looks like:{event_id}&a={amount} , where the {event_id} is where the event id will be replaced by the dynamic string and {amount} will be replaced by the commission value (if the affiliate network supports this feature). In the case of MaxBounty, instead of showing the placeholder {event_id} in the postback URL, you need to replace it with #s1# and the amount placeholder with #rate#. See below the TrackingDesk postback URL for MaxBounty. If the parameters are not configured accordingly, TrackingDesk will not be able to associate the conversion with the initial event_id.

Troubleshooting steps and best practices:

  1. Check in  your affiliate network
    a. In the stats: if the event_id have been passed and the conversions are associated with the event_id. If you dont see the event_id's, then check in TD if the parameters are properly setup.
    b. If the postback is in place and properly configured.
    c. if you've setup a global or offer specific postback URL.
    d. If your affiliate manager needs to activate/approve your postback (manual integration Hasoffers)
  2. Check in TrackingDesk
    a. If no event_id: check on TD if you've configured the correct parameter to append to the offer link
    b. If you haven't added the "subid" parameter to the offer link - TD appends the subid automatically.
    c. Check that a conversion step has been setup for this specific offer.
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