You will find various types of integrations which will allow you to simply and easily add and define the ad networks, affiliate networks you are working with.

1. Traffic Sources integrations

- Tracking Tokens: Traffic sources integrations allow you to add all the traffic source's tokens with a simple click. Once the traffic source has been added to your account, the campaigns URL's that TrackingDesk will provide you will carry all the custom parameters and tokens.

- Postback URL's: The Postback URL format is predefined so you just need to activate the postback by pressing the "activate" button or modify the postback with your cutom data (normally your userid, or clientid) and "activate" the postback.

2. Traffic Sources Technologies Integrations

Some ad networks or traffic sources run on "off the shelf" software which have predefine URL formats. For instance, if you work with a traffic source that runs on TrackingDesk, you can select TrackingDesk as the traffic source and update the name of the traffic source.

3. Affiliate Networks Integrations

- Tracking Template: We predefine the way the affiliate network captures our clickid.

- PostbackURL: We predefine the postback URL to match the affiliate network requirement.

NB: You can find out if the affiliate network is integrated by searching through the drop down menu.

4. Affiliate tracking technologies

It is possible that an affiliate network is not integrated, but the technology/software it runs on is integrated. Literally it means that the tracking template and postback is predefined for this affiliate network. So you can add the affiliate network and select the technology it runs on and the tracking template and postback URL will update accordingly.

Examples of affiliaite technologies:


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