Campaign targeting rules allow you to redirect your traffic according to criterias such as :

  • Operating System
  • Day Parting
  • Geo Target
  • Browser
  • Language
  • device types.

You should use thos targeting rules wiht caution as applying the wrong rules might redirect the traffic to the wrong offer links or landing pages.

Requirements to apply targeting rules:

  • Offer links or landing pages must have targeting rules enabled
  • Campaign Rules must be enabled

Recommendations when using targeting rules

To avoid traffic losses due to "unmatched" targeting rules, you should either have an offer link set in the campaign that can "catch all" traffic or enable the one of the Campaign Fallback Settings.

NB: If you enable targeting rules on offer links, but do not apply the targeting rules in the campaign settings, the targeting rules will be ignored.

Examples of rules:

If you are running a desktop campaign and some of your offer links are suitable for Mac OS and some for Windows, you will want to redirect the visitors to the relevant offer links based on their operating system.

  • Set the targeting rules on the offer links
  • Add the offer links to the campaign
  • Apply the device type and OS rule

By adding such settings to your offer links and activating the relevant rules during the campaign setup, your traffic will automatically be redirected to the relevant offer link.

Historically, such rules required intensive work. You were required to manually set the targeting conditions and if conditions were matched, then you would redirect the traffic to specific offer links.

Typically those rules are called: If that, then that - or IFTT.

The TrackingDesk Philosophy: Faster workflow

We assume that an offer link has settings that will normally remain the same. GeoTarget, Language, OS, Device etc... Therefore adding those settings at the offer link level, allows you to "forget" about them and just apply the rules during the campaign setup.

Available settings and rules:

  1. Operating System
  2. Browser
  3. Device - Manufacturer and type
  4. Browser Language
  5. Dates - if a offer link is only available for a specific period of time
  6. Hours of the day - if you wish to run a offer link during specific hours
  7. Day of the week - if you wish to run a offer link during specific days of the week

Illustration: Offer links settings.

By default, all rules are disabled when you set up a new campaign and the relevant offer links will catch the relevant traffic. If you didn't add any settings to your offer links, they will rotate based on the regular campaign settings.

Illustration: Setting Rules in campaign.

To get familiar with those settings, we highly recommend you to "play" with some dummy landing pages and see how the rules work.

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