TrackingDesk allows you to add custom tracking domains to your account, so you can provide to your media partners, traffic sources and set on your landing pages and websites, tracking URL's set on your domain. 

For example:

To setup a custom tracking domain you will need:

1. A domain name (if you don't have one, you can purchase one here)
2. Access to the DNS settings of your domain (usually the dns settings are accessible through your registrar)

This guide will walk you through the settings when your domain has been registered in NameCheap

1. Log in to your account at

2. Click My Account > Manage Domains then click on the domain you wish to modify.
3. Click Advanced DNS to add a new record.

4. Click on Add New Record.

5. Select CNAME Record

6. In the Host Column Add the host record -
Ex: if you want to use the subdomain, the host is trk

7. In the Target column add the value

8. Save the new cname record

9. Return to the TrackingDesk Domain settings and add the new custom tracking domain.

10. Set the domain as Default so all URL's generated by TrackingDesk for your campaigns and tracking pixels/postback will be set with your tracking domain.
11. Update your Domain settings

SSL Certificate

Upon updating your domains settings, TrackingDesk will generate a new SSL certificate for the custom tracking domain.
The certificate is issued automatically but it might take a few minutes to fully validate across the internet, so be patient.

To check that your domain has a valid SSL Certificate, you can enter it in your browser bar.

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