Setting up a campaign is a simple step by step process during which you select the traffic source you wish to run the campaign on and select the offer links and / or landing pages you wish to promote. The description below is very basic and as you will get more familiar with the platform, you will be able to use advanced features such as the targeting rules, fallback and landing pages.

To setup a campaign you need the following:

- A traffic source
- An affiliate network, Offer and offer link

Then you will be able to configure the campaign which will associate the traffic source and the offer link, and retrieve the campaign URL.

  1. Select the traffic source where you will run this campaign

2. Set the geo targets and category

3. Set the campaign cost

4. Search for the offers you wish to run

5. Select and add the assets to the campaign

6. Set the rotation weight of each link (optional)

7. Save the campaign and grab your campaign URL
You can see that the URL carries the tokens supported by the traffic source for which the campaign has been setup.

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