TrackingDesk let you run run and track various type of marketing funnels.

1. Direct Linking Campaign:

This type of campaign is when you will send traffic directly to the offers links provided by the affiliate program. Typically, it is when you send the traffic to the tracking links provided by the affiliate programs you work with. You can promote through the same campaign URL 1 or many offer links. When sending to many offer links, the campaign URL will rotate the offer links according to the campaign rules or randomly.

2. Landing Page Campaigns:
This type of campaign is when you want to use a landing page and which call to action (CTA) will send the visitors to offer links.

  • A landing page can carry multiple call to actions - if you promote several offers on the same page.
  • A call to action can rotate multiple offer links - if the offer you promote has several offer links (ex: offer link to a short form signup, or a download)

You can also define a campaign that will send  traffic to many landing pages where the campaign will rotate the landing pages according to targeting rules (ex: GEO)

3. Mix of direct linking and landing page campaigns.
You can build a campaign that uses both type of marketing funnels. For instance if you built a landing page to promote a specific offer, you can do so and split the traffic between sending your landing page and the offer link. 

4. Website campaign - Using the organic tracking script .
You can track an entire website which carries dozens of offers and gets traffic from multiple traffic sources .This done through the organic tracking script and is an advanced and exclusive feature provided by TrackingDesk.

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