Facebook is integrated in TrackingDesk, which helps you instantly setup your campaigns and immediately measure your campaign's performances.

The Integration includes:

  • Facebook campaign attributes such as Ad Set, Ad Id, Ad campaign
  • Conversion Tracking

Benefits of the integration:

  • Instantly see which Ad Sets or Ads are generating conversions
  • Promote your website / blog / landing page on your ad instead of a redirect URL
  • Add custom variables if you wish to, in order to track additional campaign attributes.

To enable this integration, you will need the following:

  • A facebook ad account
  • A TrackingDesk account
  • A Zapier account (optional)

Step #1: Add a Traffic Source

  • Select Facebook from the integrated partners drop down menu
  • Navigate to your Facebook Ads Account and create / open your pixel settings
  • Copy / paste the entire pixel code into a notepad so you can select only the pixel ID TrackingDesk requires.
  • Strip the pixel ID from the code

the pixel id:  1795385947150376

  • Paste the pixel id into the field and activate the pixel

  • Activate the pixel
  • Save the Traffic Source

From now on, you can create campaigns in TrackingDesk for Facebook.

Step #2 Navigate to the Campaign Section

  • Create a campaign
  • Select Facebook Traffic Source
  • Configure your campaign settings - GEO, Category, Cost etc... 
  • Search for the marketing assets you want to promote - Landing pages, Offer links
  • Finalize the campaign settings by associating your offer links to the landing page call to action URL's
  • Save
  • Copy your campaign URL

The Base Campaign URL


The Query String parameters


Facebook has two different fields used to set your campaign URL.

The Destination (Website URL)

This field is used to add the landing page destination URL

The URL Parameters

This field is used to add the query string parameters of your campaign URL

  • Save your campaign and once the traffic will start hitting your campaign, you will be able to see precisely which ads, ad sets and campaigns are performing.

Important note:

We highly recommend to use the organic tracking script to track Facebook campaigns.  When you use the script you can promote your landing page / website URL instead of a redirect URL.


  • Facebook can use your Open Graph data to populate your ad description, title etc... 
  • The visitor reaches your page faster (no redirect URL)
  • You can create one single campaign to promote multiple landing pages.

Note: The URL parameters section remains identical and the organic tracking script will capture all parameters and report them in the TrackingDesk analytics.

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