When you connect your ClickBank and TrackingDesk account, you will be able to see the full performances of your ClickBank campaigns in TrackingDesk.

For example:

  • See the Keywords generating sales
  • Identify subscribers reaching the order page but not the checkout page.
  • AB Test various ClickBank offers and easily find the best converting offer for a particular campaign.


  • Have a ClickBank account
  • Have a TrackingDesk account

Add an affiliate network

1. Select ClickBank from the predefined list of affiliate networks

2. Add an offer (you will be prompted to add the offer)

  • Name
  • Geo Target
  • Category

3. Add your offer link (hop link)
Note: Do not add a tracking ID as we autotag this parameter along with the tracking Event ID which is later used to track the conversions.

  • Name
  • Geo Target
  • Hop link

4. After saving you will be redirected to the Affiliate Network settings where you will see the Conversion pixel URLs.

ClickBank allows you to set two conversion pixels:

Order Page Conversion Pixel:

This pixel will track visitors reaching the order page and it will record as a Lead in TrackingDesk.

Checkout conversion Pixel

This pixel will track visitors who purchaed the product from ClickBank and will record as a sale in TrackingDesk

Add your conversion pixels in ClickBank

  • Navigate to the Vendor Settings > My Site
  • Scroll down to the Integrated Sales Reporting section
  • Click on Add Tracking Code

4. Copy the  Lead Pixel from TrackingDesk

  • Select the Tracking Pixel option and click "Add"

Paste the Tracking PIxel in the tracking pixel field (see illustration below)

  • Select the Order Form option
  • Uncheck the Select all box
  • Select the affiliate Tracking Code
  • Select the Affiliate Commission
  • Save

7. Activate the pixel

8. Repeat the same process for the Sales Tracking Pixel according to the illustration below.

Don't forget to save and activate the pixel.
From now on, all conversions triggered by campaigns running through TrackingDesk will record your order form and sales conversions. 

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