We often use this word and perhaps you are not 100% familiar with it.

Integrating means that two entities will understand each other and will be able to flawlessly communicate with each other in order to pass information back and forth. For example, such information might include: clickid, keywords, conversion and sales data.

Some examples of integration and what they mean to you:

Traffic Source Integration:
When we get an integration from a traffic source (AdWords, RTX Platform, or AdCash for example) it means a few things:

  1. All tracking parameters such as keywords and click id are preset in TrackingDesk according to the traffic source requirements.
  2. You don't need to update or configure your postback URL's.

When we say that AdWords is integrated with TrackingDesk, it means that when you run campnaigns on AdWords, you will automatically gather all campaign parameters generated by AdWords. This information will be available through the reporting section of TrackingDesk.

Information such as keywords and match type is important to you when you buy traffic and you want to be able to know precisely what is the return on investment of each keyword you buy.

Affiliate Program Integration:
When we say that TrackingDesk is integrated with PeerFly, it means the following:

  • Subid parmeters are preset, in the Peerfly tracking template
  • TrackingDesk provides you a postback URL matching the Peerfly tracking requirements.
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