About YTZ International

YTZ is an international performance network that specializes in monetizing international traffic.

YTZ partners with affiliates and networks from all over the world to monetize international traffic using highly optimized rotator links and exclusive campaigns. With coverage across 150+ countries and all devices, YTZ is one of the best solutions for monetizing mobile and web inventory.

Follow this link to access a blog post where we outlines the advantages of working with Optimized Rotators.

In order to integrate your YTZ account with your TrackingDesk account and enable the global fallback to work with YTZ, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the affiliate network tab and click on the 'Add New' button located on the right hand side.

2. Select 'YTZ International' from the predefined list of affiliate networks.

  • Note that the placeholders for passing our conversion id is set.
  • Note that the keyword from which the traffic is originating is set and will be passed to YTZ so they can optimize the traffic.

3. Add an offer:

  • Set a name.
  • Select one or many Categories - This is optional as you will be passing keyword information (see "2" above).
  • Either select 'Add All Countries' - or select the countries that you want to use for the fallback (i.e. if you don't want to send to YTZ US traffic because you have enough offers in your TrackingDesk account that suit the US Traffic).

4. Add an offer link
- Set a name.
- Select all countries.
- Set the URL that YTZ provided you in your YTZ account.

5. Copy your TrackingDesk postback URL and set it in YTZ - at the account level (recommended), or if you wish only at the offer level.

Set the postback url in YTZ:

You are now set up and you can start setting up campaigns with the Global Fallback Option.

How to enable the Global Fallback Option:

Set up a campaign as you would normally do:

- Set the geo target.
- Set one or many categories.
- Enable the global campaign fallback.
- Search / Select / Add creatives to the campaign.
- Save the campaign.

Your campaign is now ready and will fallback to your YTZ campaign if the geo-target is not matched with your campaign's settings.


  • If your traffic originates from a traffic source that can pass keywords, TrackingDesk will capture the keywords and pass them to YTZ offer link which will allow YTZ to redirect the traffic to an offer matching such keywords.
  • The TrackingDesk postback URL is predefined to match YTZ requirements and will collect conversion information as well as revenues.
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