To setup your IQOption affiliate account in TrackingDesk, you will need to perform the following tasks.

1. Add an Affiliate Network and select IQOption from the list of predefined affiliate networks
2. Save
We have predefined 3 conversion goals which you can configure in your IQOption Affiliate Account, according to the arrangement you have with them.

Each goal has it's own postback URL.

3. Navigate to your the postback url section of your IQ Option Affiliate account.
4. Add a Postback URL

Each conversion goal has a different settings

Lead / Registration Goal

5. Set the name (registration / lead / demo)
6. Paste the Lead Postback URL and select GET option

7. Set the options following the illustration.

8. Repeat the same process for CPA (first time depositors)

  • Add a new postback
  • Name it CPA
  • Paste the TrackingDesk CPA postback URL

9. Repeat the same process for the CPS (revshare) conversion

- Add a new postback
- Name it Revshare
- Paste the TrackingDesk CPS postback URL

Then select / modify the fields according to the screenshot

10. Add your offer and offer link
Configure Geo Target and relevant categories (forex, binary, crypto)

11. Save

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