In order to connect your MoreNiche account with your TrackingDesk account follow those steps:

1. Add a new Affiliate network

2. Set the name, select "custom" affiliate technology

3. Update the parameter to: ck

4. Add an offer - Name, Geo, Category

5. Add a conversion step - Depending on the offer, select the type of conversion (cpa, cpl, cps & Postback)

6. Copy / Paste the postback URL into a notepad so you can update the parameters:{event_id}&a={amount}

7. Update the {event_id} and {amount} parameters to match MoreNiche requirements: 

8. Copy the postback URL in your clipboard and paste it in your MoreNiche account - Select the offer you wish to track (pull the drop down menu "site") and hit the "add" button.

NB: The CallBack settings' page might not be available on your account, so you should ask your affiliate manager to provide you with the link

9. Add your offer link to TrackingDesk

  • Add name, geo target, category
  • Copy the offer link from MoreNiche interface (no need to add custom variables)
  • Add the offer link in TrackingDesk
  • Add advanced settings if necessary.
  • Save the offer link and affiliate network.
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