Common issues with postback url conversion tracking.

First and foremost, the conversion can only be recorded by TrackingDesk if the postback URL is called with the Event ID.

Correct postback url setup:

Conversion Values

h=01617192731927319237 - This is the event ID in the postback URL
a=10 - This is the commission amount in the postback URL

The Default TrackingDesk postback URL looks like:{event_id}&a={amount}&_tdhop=1


The placeholders needs to be replaced with the Event ID appended to the offer link during the click.

Affiliate link example

During click

Event ID value: 016123123123213

Affiliate Network calls the TrackingDesk Postback URL

Prerequisite for accurate conversion tracking

  • The query string sent to the offer link must be set according to affiliate network requirements.
    hasoffers aff_sub
    cake s2
    Maxbounty s2
  • The offer link must be added in TrackingDesk WITHOUT the query string
  • The placeholder set in the postback url which will be replaced by the query string value {event_id} needs to be set according to the affiliate network's syntax.
    hasoffers {aff_sub}
    cake #s2#
    Maxbounty #s2#
  • The postback URL has been added in the Affiliate Network
  • A conversion goal must exist for the offer you are promoting.

If conversions are showing in the Affiliate Network but not in TrackingDesk

  • Are the prerequistites met?
  • Can you see in the affiliate network reports the "event_id" value associated with the conversion?
  • Is the postback URL set in the affiliate network as a global postback or specifically for an offer?
  • Can it be that the conversion is associated with a campaign not running through TrackingDesk?

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot your conversion tracking

1 - first thing, Make sure your setup is configured well. Check your affiliate network configuration and make sure you integrate it properly.
In order to get back conversion to TrackingDesk, you need to place a conversion pixel in the right place. It's either in your ThankYou page or under an offer in your affiliate network platform (can be an image pixel or an s2s pixel, depends if it's your landing page or an offer from affiliate network).

2 - Create a test campaign, set the offer link you're promoting inside it and paste it in the browser.
Testing directly from the browser can help you detect problems and basically "skip" the traffic source stage.
We recommend the use of the browser developer mode F12 (Developer mode in Chrome) to record the http requests sent to the offer link.

For example, If your affiliate network is registering their dynamic parameter with "tid", You should see it in the console below:  (tid=event_id)

Make sure to save this event_id to compare it with the one you have in TrackingDesk in the conversion report to match it.

3 - If you made a test conversion which recorded in the affiliate network but not in TrackingDesk, check if the Event ID is associated with the conversion.

Example: CellXpert affiliate software stores the Event ID under "afp" column:

In this case, The conversion didn't fire from the affiliate platform toward TrackingDesk.
a - the postback wasn't placed or wasn't placed in the right place.
b - the postback contains a wrong parameter (h=something_that_not_contains_the_event_id)
c - a conversion goal is not set in TrackingDesk

You should contact your affiliate manager and understand from him how they send back their dynamic parameter to a third party platform *TrackingDesk).

4 - If you don't see the conversion in the affiliate network, then it's probably an issue with what you sent from TrackingDesk side:

Important! - If you think you've set everything accordingly and you still don't see the event_id (conversion) in the affiliate network, Make sure the offer link itself does not contains the dynamic parameter in the end!

Example of an offer link that contains the dynamic parameter in the end that should be removed:

This is a common problem when users do not remove the querystring parameter.
Why you need to remove it? because TrackingDesk is appending the s2=event_id (the example above) automatically to the offer link once a campaign URL is being hit and if you don't remove it from the link itself, it will simply counter each other and it won't work.

5 - Choose a wider dates range when searching for a conversion in TrackingDesk. Sometimes the timezone is different and it's better to add one more day for your search results.

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